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AngelikA, the world’s 1st “Eco-Conscious-Underwater Model&Artist” – whether underwater swimming with whale sharks or in the air while body flying. She loves the extremes and challenges and knows how to set herself in motion to create state-of-the-art photos. Angelika also acts as spokesmodel and ambassador for “green” companies. Get in touch.

AngelikA’s innovative Concept and unique Approach to bring
more Vitality,Strength & Balance into your Life while working out
with a SMILE! Ass-kicking and uplifting :D
A Revolutionary Workout for Revolutionary People!
………. By integrating the world’s richest ingredients, thinking outside the box, her artistic talent and that extra portion of love and good vibes - Cuisine CreARTions are nourishing for
Body, Mind and Soul! vegan, mostly raw, gluten/soy free
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